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Proceeding: 130005893 Cold Welding for aluminium strips (Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. - Krakow Plant)

Published : 20-02-2024 10:56:00
Placing offers : 01-03-2024 16:00:00
Offers opening : -
Type: Supply

Requirements and specifications

Dear Sirs,

We invite you to submit an offer for purchase and delivery a Cold Welding Machine for aluminium strip for our plant located in Krakow, Wielicka 114 street  through the following electronic form.


Technical requirements:

- aluminium tape thickness from 0,4 mm to 1,00 mm;

- aluminium tape width from 9,5 mm to 25,4 mm.

If the indicated ranges (technical parametrs) do not include one device, please quote two separate devices.

  1. The Ordering Party requires from the Tenderer, whose OFFER WILL BE SELECTED, to submit securities in the form bank or insurance guarantee (the guarantee should be irrevocable and unconditional and should be payment on the first written demand):

  1. advance payment guarantee (In the event of advance payment, the Tenderer is obliged to submit bank or insurance advance payment guarantee for all and full advance payments that were already paid in the ratio of 1:1, valid until the delivery of the Subject Matter of the Order)

  2. warranty for removing defects and faults in the form and with the content approved by the Contracting Entity.

A model of guarantee needs to be accepted by the Contracting Entity.

The Tenderer shall be obliged to have Civil Liability Insurance covering business activity for the insurance sum of not less than a minimum order value.

  1. The Contractor, whose OFFER WILL BE SELECTED, will be obliged to provide the following documents before concluding the contract:

  1. Power of attorney to conclude contracts on behalf of the contractor, unless it results from the registration documents;

  2. A dedicated third-party liability insurance policy in the scope of business activity and the subject of the contract for the sum insured not less than the value of the order.

The above condition is considered to be fulfilled if the Contractor submits a certified copy of the insurance policy valid for the entire term of the contract.

  1. Compliance with legal and health and safety requirements depending on the specifics of the offer:

  1. The Tenderer is obliged to meet / ensure all legal requirements that are related to the offered

  2. equipment or service.

  3. The tenderer is obliged to fulfil the sanction clause attached to the request for proposal.

  4. If meeting legal or health and safety requirements involves a higher bid amount, this must be specified.

Please note that the tender procedure may end with the failure to select the offer in the following cases:

- insufficient funds for the execution of the contract,

- changes in the Ordering Party's demand.

In the case of:

-substantive questions,  the "Send a message to the Ordering Party" button

- questions related to the operation of the purchasing platform, please contact the Open Nexus Customer Support Center open from Monday to Friday on working days, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., tel. 22 101 02 02, e-mail:

We would like to point out that the official confirmation of the execution of the order by the Ordering Party is the sending of the order or signing the contract.

The messages from the Open Nexus have purely informative character.


The_General_Terms_and_Conditions_of_Purchase TF KABLE.pdf pdf 458.31 2024-02-20 10:56:00 Criterion
Supplier's Sanction Policy.docx docx 19.35 2024-02-20 10:56:00 Criterion


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Subject of the request

No. Name Description and attachments Quantity
/ Unit
Net price / Unit Vat Gross price / Unit Currency Delivery address Attach
1 Cold Welding for aluminium strips Purchase and delivery of Cold Welding Machine as required. 1 pc. - (0)
Currency rates NBP , EUR: 4.3335 PLN

Criteria and formal conditions

No. Name Criterium weight Description and attachments Your suggestion or comment Attach file
1 Price - Offer value 0,00 PLN netto
0,00 PLN brutto
2 Payment terms - Transfer 60 days - please confirm by entering "I accept" or enter your own in the offer (0)
3 The offer WITH PRICES - Please attach the offer WITH PRICES Attachment required (0)
4 Completion date - Please indicate the expected completion date (0)
5 Shipping costs - On the supplier's side, please confirm by typing "I accept" or indicate other in the offer (0)
6 Guarantee period - 24 months - please confirm by entering "I accept" (0)
7 Conditions of the guarantee - Please attach conditions of the guarantee Attachment required (0)
8 General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of TELE-FONIKA KABLE S.A. - Please confirm by typing "I accept" or attach your own terms and conditions

The_General_Terms_an [...].pdf

9 DECLARATION - Business partner’s/Supplier’s Sanction Policy - Please attach a signed scan or electronically signed document Attachment required

Supplier's Sanction [...].docx

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