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Groups of Suppliers are a form of organizing Suppliers providing the same type or family of assortments. As a member of the group, your company will be notified by e-mail to the ongoing proceedings.

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List of groups of Suppliers of Górażdże

Become a Supplier Name Description
Aramatura sanitarna, kanalizacyjna i przemysłowa
Laboratory testing of raw materials and fuels
Concrete additives
Liquid additives e.g. inhibitors, fluids for air conditioning and water treatment
Expert opinions / feasibility studies / case studies / documentation other than the design
Electrical power
Natural gas, blast furnace gas
Technical gases (e.g. oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, etc.) np. tlen, acetylen, dwutlenek węgla itp.
Installations - aggregate mines
Installations for cement packing (e.g. packers, palletizers, etc. and parts thereof) np. pakowaczki, paletyzerki itp. oraz części do nich
Alternative fuels sorting and dosing installations (including parts thereof) w tym części do nich
Kiln installations for clinker burnning
Steel and fabric expansion joints
Steel structures
Crushers and spare parts thereof
Balls and cylpeps
Labor leasing
Bearings, bearing housings, simmering
Office materials
Construction materials (aggregates, concrete, cement, paints, varnishes, adhesives, Loctite etc. ) kruszywa, beton, cement, farby, lakiery, kleje, loctite itp.
Electrotechnical materials (batteries, cables and wires, automation, control and measuring equipment etc.) baterie, kable i przewody, automatyka, aparatura kontrolno-pomiarowa, itp.
Electrotechnical materials: light sources, light fixtures (light sources, light fixtures) żródła światła, oprawy oświetleniowe
Rubber and plastic materials, including technical seals
Health&Safety materials and equipment
Laboratory materials and laboratory equipment (reagents) odczynniki
Materials fasteners (bolts, nuts, rivets, nails etc.) śruby, nakrętki, nity, gwoździe itp.
Welding materials
Office furniture
Workshop furniture
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